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Below you will find some helpful articles to important horse health information. These articles DO NOT take place or suggestions of your Vet. If you feel your horse is in need of your Vet, call your Vet immediately. These articles are for general information only.

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Health Information

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Equine Weight Calculator



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Weight tapes are designed for horses of average size, shape and overall body proportion, such as a 16 hh riding horse that weighs 1,000 lbs. However, if your horse isn’t of average height and length (think ponies, draft breeds and especially long horses), you may need a more accurate method of determining his body weight. Our Equine Weight Calculator takes into account a horse’s age, length and heart girth (barrel), instead of just the heart girth like traditional weight tapes do. The types of horses in most need of an accurate weight measurement include hard keepers (horses that need to gain weight), easy keepers (horses that need to lose weight), seniors and growing horses. The measurements needed for our Equine Weight Calculator are easy to do – all you need is a soft, flexible tape measure. If you can’t find one that is long enough, use a lunge line or bailing twine to take the measurements!